Is Miren Browser Android malware?

 Hi there,

Today I want to describe my experience with Miren Browser 1.2 on my Android cellphones.

 My first experience with Android OS started from Motorola XT720. Motorola Milestone XT720 was shipped with Android version 2.1. It was slow phone with thoughtful web browser. First what I decided was to upgrade ROM. I found option to upgrade 2.1 to 2.2 from Cincinnati Bell - Motorola Milestone XT720 Upgrade with Flash 10.1 Support. But phone and web browser worked slow any way. I continued my investigations and at least I found new ROM CyanogenMod 7 on Android 2.3.7. Unfortunately it improved my phone no too much. And I decided to install another browser from the market. I tried Opera Mobile/Mini, Dolphin Browser HD/Mini, Boat Browser/Mini. Any of this browser didn't provide noticeable improvement. After searching internet I found Miren Browser. I read a lot of positive reviews about speed of this browser. And for sure I decided to try it. Unfortunately Miren Browser was unavailable in Android market. But I found apk file on another web-site. And this browser was really faster than another. I was glad to use on my Motorola XT720.

After about a year I changed my Motorola for HTC Amaze 4G from Wind Mobile(Canadian operator). It was a BIG difference. This phone is fast and everything work nice and smoothly. I migrated all my software from old Motorola on new HTC, and for sure Miren Browser. And as this phone is much faster I started to try different software include another web-browsers as example Firefox what isn't compatible with my previous Motorola XT720. I like Firefox – as I can synchronize my data with my desktop browser, and it has addon Adblock Plus for blocking Ads.

 As I started to use Firefox on my HTC Amaze, and only sometimes I used it for comparing with Firefox on some websites. I almost forgot about Miren Browser. But for some reason I decided to check statistics of using internet traffic in my cellphone. As I have unlimited internet in my mobile plan I've never worried about usage, just I decided to check what program use traffic most of all. And what was my big surprise when I noticed – this program is Miren Browser, what I almost never use. And all this internet traffic usage was done in background, what is logically, as last time I started Miren Browser may be couple of month ago.

More then 100mb of internet traffic in background every month! For me Miren Browser is like malware or spam-bot or something else like this. I uninstalled Miren Browser immediately. And now I worry about my personal data, as Miren Browser had an acces to Storage, SD card.

Guys, put attention to software what you have on your phones.